Get Your Freedom On


I am here today to tell you about two pieces of software that, combined, might just be saving my life right now. Hyperbole? Not even. I’m deadly serious.

The first is called Freedom and I’m afraid it’s for Mac users only, though there may be a PC equivalent. What Freedom does is block your access to the internet for the amount of time that you specify. It’s that simple. Free yourself from your internet addiction! Ditch the distractions! Write without checking your email every five minutes! Get your Freedom on! Download it here!

Wouldn’t it be great if we had the self-control to limit our own internet use, without the need for a technological intervention? Sure — but when every coffee shop in the metro area seems to have free wireless, to do that you’d need the will power of a superman. I don’t know about you, but that just ain’t me. I’ll take the help, thanks.

Freedom is also, um, free. But please consider making a donation if you use it and like it. In the immortal words of George Michael: You’ve got to give for what you take.

The second piece of software that is rocking my world right now…

…is called Scrivener, and it’s designed to provide writers with the tools they need when drafting books. It was heartily recommended to me by two clients who have sold their books, and I finally gave it a spin myself. It’s pretty easy to use and has two functions that I absolutely love: the cork board, which allows you to see your book outline as index cards on a virtual board (and move them around just as easily) and the document reference tool, which allows you to embed any research documents with your writing files, so that you can access them easily, side-by-side. Awesome! And so helpful if you are juggling several different sources, as I am at the moment.

Scrivener isn’t free, but it’s not expensive either, and you can download a trial version to try it out before you buy.

Sometimes I just love technology…when I’m not fighting against it, that it. And, by the way, I got the link to Freedom through a tweet. Yes. I’m twittering now. Follow me.


2 responses to “Get Your Freedom On

  1. Hi,
    Thanks for your kind words about Scrivener! I took the liberty of posting a link to this page and to Freedom on the Software by Other Folk section of the L&L forum, here:

    I thought other Scrivener users might be interested in Freedom, too – I know I could use it, seeing as I should be writing right now!

    Thanks again and all the best,
    (Scrivener developer)

  2. nancyrawlinson

    Hi Keith, thanks for stopping by, and for the link back, and mostly, for Scrivener. Awesome application. And yes, Freedom is a life-saver. I find it particularly helpful for getting me going in the mornings…

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